Sustainable - Apple LEATHER - Vegan

The manifestation of inner freedom in outer minimalism.

The “ECOTONE” brand is based on aesthetics in details and ethical consumption of resources.

Each of our products is unique in its style, texture and intellectual content. All of them can be delightfully combined with each other. While looking at this collection, you will understand that it was created by women and for women.

We consider environmental friendliness as something more than just a fashion trend. This is a lifestyle and respectful attitude for nature. We are committed to protecting animals, not using them as a product. The production of the collection is based on the conservation of the planet's resources. That is why our clothes are quite practical and stylish at the same time. Such a vision of fashion meets the modern requirements of a fast pace of life and high comfort.

“We Speak Fashion” - this exact phrase became the basis for the birth of the ECOTONE brand.

The search for a balance between style and comfort prompted the graduates of the fashion school to create clothing of a new generation. A similar vision of beauty and differing views at details allow us to look at the collection from different angles.

Our priority and philosophy is a respectful attitude to nature, a search for a strong silhouette and a creating of fashionable products.

This inspired us to create an eco-friendly brand. It is based on using recycled, quilted and vegan fabrics. We realize that nature is not our private property. Everybody involved in creating the collection and promoting the brand share this philosophy.

Women search for new forms of expression of freedom and challenge the established style canons. The spirit of this transformation is clearly visible in the style of clothing masculine silhouettes are rolled into one with femininity.

This format is chosen by women of the new generation who are free in all their manifestations. They know the true value of comfort and quality.

Searching for new textures led us to use quilted fabrics not only for outerwear but also for skirts, trousers and tops. Such models look eccentric and stylish.

Aesthetic philosophy and ethical consumption of resources will be reflected in future collections.

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