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Where can I purchase my Ecotone?

Your ecotone garments are available here ( store, besides, you can find them in our selected stockists. Please see the Stockists page for further details.






Not Just a Label,



Wolf & Badger,



Ecotone Main Showroom (Head Office), Şişli (İSTANBUL)

Beymen, Vadi İstanbul (İSTANBUL)

Collection Point, ZORLU Shopping Mall - EMAAR Shopping Mall (İSTANBUL)

Openhaus, Teşvikiye (İSTANBUL)



Crocus City Hall, Moscow

DFD Showroom, Moscow


What ecotone means?

Ecotone is a bridge word for KAPITONE (Quilted) and ECOLOGY. It represents our connection with the ecology itself as a vegan and sustainable brand.

What is your policy as a brand?

Our main philosophy is a respectful attitude to nature, a search for a strong silhouette, and the creation of fashionable motion. This inspired us to create an eco-friendly brand that is based on using recycled, quilted, and vegan fabrics. The use of organic and recycled textiles including apple leather to vegan silk defines our brand’s DNA.

We realize that nature is not our private property. We consider environmental friendliness as something more than just a fashion trend. This is a lifestyle and respectful attitude toward nature that you can show with your intentional choices. Everybody involved in creating the collection and promoting the brand share this philosophy.

Our power represents women’s search for new forms of expression of freedom and challenges the established style canons. The spirit of this transformation is clearly visible in the style of clothing masculine silhouettes are rolled into one with femininity. This format is chosen by women of the new generation who are free in all their manifestations. They know the true value of comfort and quality that they deserve.

We speak fashion!



Where do we ship?

No matter where you live, we will bring you your ecotone! We ship internationally since we believe that our philosophy encompasses all around the world.

Delivery options and fees

We deliver your ecotone with UPS, free of charge. We always work hard to deliver your products in 7 working days. We strongly encourage you to double-check your delivery information to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

How can I track the delivery of my order?

We inform you regularly about your ecotone before and after we hand it over for delivery, through your mail. To check it further, you can track your package with UPS. If you encounter any kind of problems, please contact us as soon as possible.



Can I do an exchange?

Yes, you can! However, we only accept an exchange in sizes and colors, for the same product that you have purchased. To proceed to a successful exchange, you need to preserve the packaging and hand it out to the closest UPS delivery, free of charge. If you choose any other delivery company than UPS, we will not be covering any delivery fees. When we got the product, we will evaluate your request as a team and return your package as soon as possible (within 1-5 working days).

We will be trying our best to deliver your request, but if it is out of stock, we will kindly provide you with a payback.

How can I return my order?

In order to return your order, please fill out the form that we have provided with your receipt and hand it out to the closest UPS without paying any fees. We only accept returns if it is within 14 days after you received it.

Paybacks & Further Support

After our team reviewed your refunded package and your request, we will be refunding the amount within 3 working days to the related bank. For credit cards, while this process will take 1-3 working days, for debit cards this process might take longer.

What is your exchange/refund address to send back the products? Internet Depo, Merkez Mah. Huzur Sokak No: 6 Kapı: 20 Şişli/İstanbul

What should I do if I find out my products are defective?

Oh no! We proceed with a step-by-step quality control process for each of our delivery to avoid any kind of dissatisfaction. However, if you face this kind of situation, we would be more than happy to exchange your product ASAP. You should just follow our exchange process.

Can I change my product with any other products?

We only accept an exchange in sizes and colors, for the same product that you have purchased.

How many times I can exchange my product?

You can change your product, 2 times within the exchange period.

What is the fee for an exchange/refund?

Any of your requests for the exchange/refund sent with UPS is free of charge. However, we are not responsible for any other fees, if you proceed with your exchange/refund process with other delivery companies.

When can I get a payback?

We check the status of your package when we receive your product back. If it is filling all the requirements, we will inform you through your email about the payback. We will be informing the bank within 1-5 working days after sending you an email about it. The refund might take 10 days depending on the bank you prefer. For further information, please contact your bank.



Can I get my discount code for my first purchase?

Sure you can! You should subscribe to our newsletter to find out your discount code.

How will I receive my receipt?

We automatically send you the invoice of your lovely ecotones’ that you have purchased, to your emails.

Can I get my purchase gift-wrapped?

Yes, you can! We are aware of the fact that ecotone is one of the greatest gifts for your loved ones. To become a part of your excitement, we kindly wrap your gift. You can inform us with a note while purchasing your product. In order to ensure a high-quality service, our team may contact you about your order.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and all other major credit cards.

Can I place an order without an account?

Sure you can! However, we strongly recommend you subscribe since you will be able to get the latest updates about our lovely future garments.

What if I want to change or cancel my order?

If you no longer want to keep your order after placing it, you will need to submit a return/refund request ASAP, since once we ship your garments, the order cannot be replaced or canceled. Please make sure you check all details carefully before submitting your order.



How do I take care of my products?

We highly recommend you prefer only dry cleaning for the longevity of your lovely ecotones’ life spans. For further information please check the description of each of the products.

Where are the products being manufactured and by who?

Our manufacturing process is mostly outsourced to small businesses in Istanbul/Turkey, with a high level of craftsmanship. We produce our collections in limited amounts to not compromise on the highest quality of our lovely garments.

What are the details of your sustainability levels?

Our main aim is to create style and comfort in people's daily lives without damaging nature and all life on earth. In order to find out the details about our sustainability levels, please check our Sustainability page.



Why I should subscribe to your newsletter?

For your first shopping experience with us, we will send you a code for a discount of 15%. Afterward, we will update you regularly about our future collections and discounts. You will be the first to know about our lovely future ecotone garments.

How to stay informed about ecotone?

We always love to stay connected with you! You can subscribe to our newsletter for every update that we will have.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by sending an email to info@ecotoneof We will be replying to you as soon as possible. Our team will be working hard for you to reply within the first 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Also, you can contact us by calling +90 531 400 08 16 or +90 531 967 82 45.

Can I visit your showroom?

You are always welcome! However, we highly recommend you make a reservation to give you a high-quality shopping experience.

You can contact us by calling +90 531 400 08 16 or +90 531 967 82 45. Our showroom address: Merkez Mah. Huzur Sok. No: 6 Şişli / İstanbul

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